What is account based marketing?

Marketing managers who target companies always look for new ways to boost b2b sales and to reach their target. The goal is to amplify the message and to raise brand awareness in order to drive as many potential customers as possible. 

Common mass techniques can be used to generate a large amount of leads: online and offline advertising, press relations, SEO, SEM, events, content marketing, mobile campaigns, etc. However, this approach is not the only one to promote your messages and to sell your products/services to companies. Another technique has proven effective: account based marketing (ABM).

This strategic B2B approach consists in concentrating your sales and marketing resources on a limited number of targeted accounts, likely to be very profitable for your business. By doing so, you are able to create highly tailored campaigns for each audience. It is based on the account’s needs and specificity rather than on a global perspective.

The key to a successful ABM strategy is to organize your marketing & salespeople in collaborative teams. With the same mindset, they will optimize every step during the process, from identifying the accounts and adapting the message until selling the actual product.

Why not starting today to implement this new technique? Success is waiting for you!